every night they fall like dominoes

how he does it only heaven knows

all the other men turn gay wherever he goes



I want to see a reality tv show where straight dudes have to read the shitty messages they send to women to their mothers.

to catch a redditor




shrek fashion is real, and it is spectacular

i legitimately honestly cannot believe this im not even laughing im speechless i didnt know the world could be like this



im speechless

who bought this

i need someone to play a gamzee makara who thinks he’s the messiahs of a circus hypnotist cult in a real life au. i’m kurloz and my gf is meulin and it’s gonna be terrible. who’s in. check it out here

spaceyfae asked: welcome back 2 ygo hell

ygo hell is my one true home

i just wrote an app for fucking kurloz makara to surprise my gf this is where my life has gone


I broke my finger but heres a fanart from me.

breazatoth: how many black trenchcoats does haneul own
breazatoth: that's a v good question
grimdar: oh my GOD..................
grimdar: IN T O I T...............
breazatoth: minho just opens a spare closet one day and thousands of black trenchcoats come falling out
grimdar: welcome to the shadow realm
breazatoth: fUCK


i like it better when its scanned