Boring Nepeta Portrait :0

i did nothing today but refresh tumblr and watch trash tv and honestly i probably really needed that break. i push myself really hard and beat myself up when i don’t do all the things i set out for myself so just deciding to say fuck it today was probably the best decision i could have made, even if today was pretty rough



*sees a blog follow me* *checks the blog* *the first page is 2/3 gamzee* *follows back*


now that i have an iphone with siri when i rp real life terezi texting people i’m going to run it through siri and have the message be exactly what siri thinks i’m saying


inspired when listening to “Seven Devils” by Florence and The Machine

this was actually drawn weeks ago but i just continued it today bc art blooock


I’m liking Aradia more and more each time I draw her.

Track: I Wanna Get Better
>Artist: Bleachers
Album: Strange Desire
Plays: 628


I didn’t know I was lonely ‘til I saw your face