my alignment is chaotic emo


my alignment is chaotic emo


like how hilarious. what comedic gold. terezi gets her friends to roleplay with her bc it’s something she really enjoys and not only to they not take it seriously from the get go but they whine and complain and treat it as a joke and eventually they all ditch her and leave her sitting at the table looking hurt and dejected. like what about that is funny?? what about having your friends mock your interests and treat them like a joke and make you feel like shit is comedic?? esp when, in canon, terezi has already been beaten down physically, mentally and emotionally & has been nigh entirely stripped of her self worth and confidence, and half the reason gamzee’s abuse was allowed to escalate to the point it’s at right now is because none of her friends noticed or cared that she was being abused. like i don’t get why this is funny or amusing or why terezi had to be the butt of the fucking joke.

not to mention that they all go off to watch one of karkat’s movies which almost all of them have denounced at least once in canon because humoring a BOY’s interest that you don’t share is preferable to a GIRL’s right?? because everyone would rather go watch a shitty romcom that almost all of them have stated they have no interest in than stick around and play a game together, if not because they enjoy it, than at least because it’s something that means a lot to THEIR FRIEND. like seriously what the actual FUCK. 


I took this screenshot like 10 years ago and its brilliance still makes me laugh my ass off


doggy ears


it’s friday night and i would like to remind everyone that i chase wine


why does fnaf even need a security guard? If anyone tries to rob the place they’re gonna get fucking destroyed


ah i see youve noticed me tamping down the soft earth

❝Just because your pain is understandable doesn’t mean your behavior is acceptable.❞

—Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience (via paintdeath)