fuck! i’m freaking out! i want to do rp posts and finish act 1 of dragon age and i still have to pack up the last of my stuff and i’m going to get no sleep the entire weekend and be miserable! fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck


Actually maybe this should get a post of its own

a redraw of this, from exactly two years ago


the creepiest pasta is lasagna, imo. how did it get so wide


I love these two more than I probably should. It was also harder to draw this than it probably should have been. I’m so out of practice… Everything I make looks like doodoo.


I sketched Anders with Tom Mison in mind and help he’s too attractive I can’t go on.


help, i’m alive, my heart is beating like a hammer 

turns out junkos fucking impossible to draw


i have to get up at like 7:15 the morning after next. i’m going to Die

update: i got out of bed at 1:30 today and woke up at 11:30. i’m Going to Die



I will die drawing sweet hugs and kisses. Let me dream. 

*Gasp* Thank you for tagging me in this absofruit masterpiece!!!!


Some scrappy thing that I drew a few weeks ago. I hadn’t drawn the humans in a while ahaha…


Despite being a really awesome flash, the thing that sold it for me was that oh shit face drop.

Fuckin’ Jake man.